Day Trip To Dubrovnik, Croatia

When you're spending a vacation in Montenegro, you cannot miss a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. The city is less than two hours drive from Kotor bay and cannot be missed. The scenic route all the way there will make you stop several times in order to take photos and enjoy the marvelous views of the… Continue reading Day Trip To Dubrovnik, Croatia

Budapest’s New York Cafe: Combining History And Luxury

Dubbed the most beautiful cafe in the world, the New York Cafe in the Hungarian capital doesn't disappoint. If you decide to have a royalty-worthy breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even a coffee or tea break in the afternoon, New York Cafe can guarantee you that. The building itself takes you back to the renaissance… Continue reading Budapest’s New York Cafe: Combining History And Luxury

10 Things You Must Do Every Time You Travel

For us, traveling is so much more than just visiting the touristy spots usually advertised. While the highlighted places are fun to visit and interesting to see, always be sure to make time for some less documented and little-known spots that will always surprise you. Whether you are the planner type traveler or the "let's… Continue reading 10 Things You Must Do Every Time You Travel

Let’s Meet!

Hello travelers, After a few weeks for us on social media, we thought that it's time for you meet us and get to know us a litter bit more. So we did this video (make shift studio, self-edited without a professional) to introduce ourselves to you from behind the confines of social networks. If you… Continue reading Let’s Meet!

The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

Did I forget to pack anything? THE question of every traveler. Therefore, we decided to give you a hand with it. Following you can find a checklist for all sorts of trips: (Download it and remember us every time you use it)   Happy and crazy travels everyone!

Top 30 Travel Experiences On My Bucket List

Top 30 travel experiences to have on your bucket list from around the world: See the Aurora Borealis - Northern lights  Walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru Swim in the largest pool in the world in Chile Go island hopping in the Philippines Wander in the streets of Havana, Cuba Hike the… Continue reading Top 30 Travel Experiences On My Bucket List